Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Lancer Labels introduces Antimicrobial scanners

PA600 Anti-Microbial HF mobile terminal

The Unitech PA600 HF Light Color (PA600L) has been specifically designed for healthcare applications - its anti-microbial protection material and capability to read both RFID/2D barcodes ensure that this unit is the ideal choice for numerous healthcare applications including patient ID, blood specimen tracking, prescription tracing and many more.

PA600 full specification

MS337 Anti-Mircrobial healthcare scanner

The Unitech MS337H is a rugged handheld scanner designed specifically for healthcare. This CMOS 2D imager scanner is constructed with an anti-microbial enclosure to provide healthcare professionals with a barcode scanning solution ideally suited for use at the point of care.

MS337 full specification

Lancer Labels also supply Antimicrobial labels, see
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